Movement Conjecture EOD US Map.cpp
Title: Movement Conjecture EOD
Description: Geological Cognition among global human population inrelation to invest versus Agriculture
Interesting but hard game . Please leave a star and fork it for entertainment
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Tribute Page - Elon Musk
Hi friends , I've made the Tribute Page of Elon Musk . Please Tell me in the comment how it is also tell if there are any wrong things in code .
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Simple Calculator
Hey guys, I have made a simple calculator which can perform all the simple calculations . Hope you like it, if you like it the give your precious star 🌟🌟🌟
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my first game 😁😁😁
it's a tic Tac toe game watch one time please and tell me how's it? please 🙏🙏 😁😁😁
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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
Some of the stuff in JSON that you can use in Python. A little messy but important.
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about Python
this is about python and some basic term read this article you will definitely enjoy and you guys Do not comment but do and tell me how it was so that I know my mistakes and improvements that's all👍
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Kasir Pembayaran
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A realtime clock (date + time)
show realtime date month year and more
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