Title: Merry Christmas Challange
Description: Merry Christmas Challange
Tags: dcoder, dcoderchallange, dcodermobile
Username: @yusserykhazul
HTML fail by Erik
WEB by Antonyan Erik Html format python java script
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RickRoll HTML Code
In this HTML file I've made a button and when the user will click on it, a rickroll gif will be played on the screen and along with that the classic "Never Gonna Give You Up " song will be played. You can rickroll anyone with this code. Have fun rickrolling others. And if you want to rickroll others with a link then use this one : https://WanSentimentalCollaborativesoftware.arindamtripathi.repl.co . Thank You for checking out my code. :)....And one last thing......Please give me stars if you liked my website(Don't just fork....also give stars).....Byeeeee...
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calculator for 2 digit. please give me some advise to improve the programme and give me feedback.THANK YOU
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num2word changer
suggest me improvement and please tap that star button
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Css New Illusion With Image
New type of illusion loader with CSS Hope you like that HTML || CSS || STAR ⭐ || FORK AND DON'T FORGOT TO FOLLOW FOR MORE UPCOMING AWESOME PROJECTS
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i made a simple calculator using java please try it <3
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Raizuna V1
LearnBasicSyntaxKotlin .........................................
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who want to take my old project please. I'm very grateful if you like :)
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